leverage all your digital media content with Zoom.

Zoom is true digital asset management, enabling you to centrally store, tag, search, distribute, and repurpose all your finished digital content.

It’s a DAM system that also gives you the ability to accelerate the creation, collaboration, and production of all your work-in-progress digital media assets.

So get the best of both in one integrated, enterprise-scale solution – Zoom.


  • " After an in-depth evaluation of a number of options for managing our digital assets particularly video files, we selected Evolphin Zoom. It has the best engine for digital asset version management. Evolphin's team had a great understanding and knowledge of our creative process."

    - Dany Lefebvre, Sr. Director of Operations, Bell Media

  • " We needed scalable digital asset management [DAM] for our fast-growing digital agency but didn't realize we could find a solution that could do more than traditional DAM solutions. Zoom has something for everyone from the production to IT departments. It handles data duplication and asset tracking, and features search and versioning tools."

    - James Drake, Director of IT, Swirl

  • " It was paramount to find a solution with version control and easy access to files. The compliance tied to our quality control system and FDA regulations both mandate that course developers and trainers must be able to locate and verify the source files for each individual training course. Zoom was the only solution on the market that met all of our needs.”

    - Scott Boltz, Sr. Technical Consultant, CareFusion


  • Universal, Device-Independence
  • Customizable Faceted Search
  • Integration with Creative Tools
  • Data Deduplication
  • Asset Repurposing
  • Integrated Flexible Workflow
  • Complete Asset Version Control
  • Improved Visual Compare
  • Cutting-Edge Analytics
  • Collaborative Lightbox Review
  • Task-Level Metadata
  • Integrated Advanced Archiving
  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Patent-Pending RevDB


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