November 12th 2014

Exploring stumbling blocks to DAM technology adoption

| Brian Ahearn

Great Webinar few weeks back talking about the stumbling blocks in DAM technology adoption. The reality is that when companies plan for a new DAM system the search for technology usually takes priority over another more critical success factor; user adoption! Experience tells us that a new DAM system is much more than technology, it is a change management exercise and the inability to engage the user community will have the greatest impact on the success or failure of the project.

Check out the Webinar recording here and find out what stumbling blocks occur at each of the key stages:

  1. Establishing the Governance Model
  2. Design and Discovery phase including vendor selection
  3. Customization phase
  4. Implementation phase
  5. Roll out phase

It’s worth paying particular attention to the metrics commentary. It points out the importance of defining the success criterion and key metrics at the project outset so that you can at least measure whether or not the project has been a success!