to the future of digital workplace collaboration and control.

Zoom 5.0 Universal Device Independence



There’s a convergence happening. It’s taking place where DAM and MAM meet CMS, ECM and EIM. Where all digital media assets, files, content and documents gather in this multi-channel and multi-media world of ours. And where businesses are looking to enhance creativity and collaboration amidst of the chaos of managing, leveraging and controlling the digital workspace.ace management and control.


At Evolphin, we’re at the center of this convergence, and Zoom – our next-gen digital media asset management software solution – is the hub that enables greater creativity and collaboration between all kinds of people, skills and channels … and all kinds of digital content.



Evolve Beyond with Evolphin.

Traditional solutions for managing and utilizing digital assets and content were built to simply handle storage, search and distribution of files. Yet in today’s just-in-time business environment where  every second counts, such traditional solutions are barriers to operational efficiency as they lack the tools to get the job done – and done right.


When we opened our doors back in 2007, we realized then that businesses needed an integrated management and workflow solution that brought order to the chaos of working with and handling all their work-in-progress digital files and content.  Tools that simplified the process while empowering their teams to spend much more time being creative and productive – and far less time trying to search, locate, and manage their digital content.


So with our deep background in new database technologies, asset and file version control, and digital media processing, we brought Zoom to market. Built from the ground up on our patent-pending RevDB (NoSQL) database – optimized to handle large structured and unstructured digital content (including video and on-air broadcast graphics) – Zoom enables businesses to effectively manage the entire creative lifecycle of any digital and media asset … from concept and creation through production and final delivery.



The Operating System for the Creative Process.

Easy to use and hard to beat, Zoom integrates a whole host of features and functionality – including data deduplication and replication, visual versioning control, cutting-edge faceted search, tight integration with creative authoring tools, feature-rich metadata tagging, automated workflow, real-time analytics, enhanced visual compare, and advanced archiving – for complete command of the entire creative and production process.


Our fully integrated, enterprise-class digital media asset management solution can be implemented out-of-the-box or tailored to meet your specific requirements.  Zoom provides your multiple stakeholders – in different locations – with simultaneous access to digital content and the ability to collectively and efficiently iterate that content until project completion. With universal, device-independent functionality for desktop, Web and mobile.


In a highly competitive and rapidly changing market where creative organizations need to gain better visibility into and control over their creative processes, allowing creative professionals to be more creative, Zoom delivers the needed functionality and capabilities to keep your creative people going and your creative processes flowing.



Serving Customers Globally with a Local Touch.

Evolphin Software Inc. is headquartered in San Ramon, California – just a few short miles from the heart of the Silicon Valley. Our proximity to the capital of the tech world keeps us in close contact with thought leaders and the latest innovative advances in technology.


With offices in the United States, Asia and Europe, Evolphin is growing rapidly to serve our global customer base – which includes companies in the Advertising, Broadcast, Education, Media/Entertainment, and Publishing industries.


We invest heavily in product engineering and service innovation, as evidenced by the recent opening of our new tech center just outside New Delhi in India.  And our more than eight (8) patents pending for our core technology are a true testament to our absolute focus on innovation.


The evolution is on at Evolphin. Join us, and become an evolutionary.