In his book ‘The Future of Management’, author Gary Hamel says, “In an age of wrenching change and hyper competition, the most valuable human capabilities are precisely those that are least manageable” (Boston, 2007). Those very capabilities are what we look for in our people – resilience, innovation, passion and engagement. We don’t try and manage these characteristics; we’ve recognized their importance to our success and so instead, we provide an environment where people are encouraged to leave their comfort zones and push the realms of what could be as opposed to languishing in the context of what is.

At evolphin we build innovative products and services for diverse verticals including eLearning, Media, Advertising, Broadcasting and Game Development helping our customers become leaders in today’s global and very competitive market. Our company delivers a complete but simple solution to manage the total lifecycle of any digital asset from idea to final delivery.

Our culture is based on commitments and execution; we say what we are are going to do and then we do it. No one individual is the font of all knowledge, egos don’t fit and neither do traditional company politics. We are a team that executes on our commitments and as we grow we want more people with ideas; people who want to impact an industry; people who want to build products and relationships that will change an industry and will extend engagement far beyond the typical vendor-customer tradition.


Our products, first launched in 2010, were designed by creatives for creatives. The industry was tired of traditional software products that actually inhibited creativity rather than enabling it. This is why we created evolphin. evolphin products combine software engineering with flamboyance and artistic flair; a unique combination delivering a solution that is visually intuitive, tightly integrated into the desktop environment, and functions in a way that creatives want and need it to.

Our company is growing and we are continuing to build world-class teams in the Silicon Valley, Dallas, the UK and India; our goal to be the ‘Operating System for Creatives’ is becoming a reality.

If you were asked the question “take a photo of one thing that will change the world” and you took a photograph of yourself, then we want to talk with you. Visit our website at for further information.