Evolphin Introduces VideoFX: A Software Defined Smart Hub Connecting Video Production Systems To Streamline The Video Production Workflow

April 16th 2016

New Software Module leverages the Zoom Unified Information Repository and reduces video post-production turnaround time by an estimated 30% – 40%

SAN RAMON, CA (PRWeb, April 18, 2016) – Evolphin Software Inc. today announced Zoom VideoFX, software product. Video FX is a smart software hub that connects multiple tools & systems including Adobe Premiere Pro, external transcoders, archive management systems and CDN’s to streamline the video post-production workflow. This new ground breaking solution has been proven to reduce time to post-produce videos without sacrificing quality within media teams. VideoFX makes it easier to get the job done in less time while avoiding the frustration associated with the inability to search & locate video assets, poor systems integration and less than intuitive user interfaces.

VideoFX takes our customers out of the systems integration business said Brian Ahearn, CEO of Evolphin. “Our industry is well accustomed to point solutions that may be functional but our customers are growing impatient at the cost and expertise needed to make disparate systems function as one integrated solution. VideoFX is the smart software hub that makes the video production workflow seamless, on-demand and highly functional”.

Key components of this exciting new product include:

  • Zoom CCM (content capture module) to ingest video content in native resolution (SD/HD/4K/6K) from studio feeds, camera cards & external video content producers
  • Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects plug-in for searching and linking Hi-res footage and graphics elements
  • Video preview support, streaming, scrubbing to specific time, and time code based search
  • Frame accurate video metadata
  • Archive management with the ability to move Hi-res videos and their dependencies to any storage back-end including disk, tape and cloud archiving solutions such as Amazon Glacier
  • On demand transcoding with any external transcoder
  • Direct asset or external asset management (allows Zoom to manage assets that are not ingested into the Zoom database)
  • Deep Analytics

“VideoFX is already being used by some of the world’s largest & most influential media companies”, said Rahul Bhargava, CTO of Evolphin. In one particular case, VideoFX was selected because it was the only product that could function with a high-performance fiber channel SAN and provide a centralized library of all types of assets with the emphasis on native Hi-res video.“ He then added “VideoFX enabled the customer to initiate multi-proxy workflows to render their low-res proxies while quick edits were being applied to the native videos. Once the low-res proxy is created, edits can be done by remote teams using an EDL (Edit Decision List). The EDL can then be applied to a Hi-res or native video file for final exports”.
“VideoFX for Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects signals our entrance into the fast-growing video space as companies move away from traditional asset management workflows into more complex, video-centric asset management solutions. Our tight integration with the Adobe video tools provides the user with a new level of seamless functionality, such as the ability to simultaneously search and link high-resolution footage with graphics elements – within their applications,” said Brian Ahearn, CEO of Evolphin.

Evolphin will be demonstrating the new Zoom VideoFX module at Booth SL4707 at the 2016 NAB Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada from April 18-21.

To schedule a meeting, visit bit.ly/1RbPh0V.
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About Evolphin and Zoom

Evolphin Software is the first of its kind in Rich Media Asset Management. Zoom leverages the industry’s first high-performance in-memory deduplication of content, allowing users to create, share, and collect insights, and provide rich media to their clients in the fastest way possible. See Zoom in action for a different approach to media workflow management that will make you re-think conventional wisdom with a new generation of products and capabilities. More than 60 companies around the globe, covering the Advertising, Broadcasting, Media/Entertainment, Retail, and Healthcare industries, currently deploy Zoom.

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