Zoom puts an end to the chaos of managing and working with all your digital media assets, enabling you to gain complete command over the entire creative process. So you’ll spend more time being creative and less time worrying about managing all your work-in-progress digital content.

The comprehensive range of features integrated into Zoom – enhanced version control, cutting-edge faceted search, tight integration with creative authoring tools, advanced project workflow management, Web-based review tools, data deduplication, task-level metadata fields/values, sophisticated analytics, and asset archiving – means our solution goes well beyond traditional digital asset and media asset management (DAM/MAM) offerings.

From concept to completion, Zoom optimizes the creative process and allows organizations to drive down the cost and time to execute creative jobs.

Zoom Digital Media Asset Management (DMAM)

Zoom provides an easy-to-use interface enabling users to track every iteration of a digital asset and all of its associated metadata. Plugins for creative tools such as Adobe CS and the operating system itself saves the creative team time. Advanced search, thumbnails and high resolution previews allow users to drastically reduce the amount of time spent locating assets.

Zoom Visual Version Control

Once considered a necessity limited to software development groups, version control today is an imperative for any creative team. Only Zoom provides advanced multi-user concurrent versioning technology tightly integrated with its DAM solution. Out of the box, all of the tools that are necessary to manage an iterative creative process are included.

Zoom Workflow

Zoom workflow brings iterative task routing, version control and DAM together. The end-to-end automation of the entire creative process is available right now and allows you to reduce project costs and eliminate bottlenecks that can jeopardize the on-time delivery of key projects. Zoom eliminates the need to integrate third-party workflow software. It ships with a fully integrated workflow engine and provides all of the tools necessary to automate your creative process.

Zoom Analytics

Zoom analytics deliver a real-time dashboard of key performance indicators that provide deep insights into your business. Business relevant metrics, tables and graphs supported by trend analyses provide the organization with a visual representation of the creative process. This level of inspection allows managers to make informed and real-time decisions and where necessary, change priorities, resources and even direction if higher-priority projects are to be completed on time.

Zoom Lightbox

The Zoom web enabled Lightbox enables clients and other key stakeholders to collaborate and provide timely feedback irrespective of location, by annotating, transforming, converting, and downloading assets on the fly. Visual markup extends beyond traditional 2D files and includes video files where annotations can be placed on individual frames.

Zoom Archiving

The Zoom Archiving Module offloads finished projects to archival systems such as LTO tape or secondary storage, while maintaining search capability and visual elements such as thumbnails and high-resolution previews. This has the advantage of making primary storage available to active projects. Zoom Archiving includes a simple mechanism for restoring the files at a later date without requiring IT intervention.