Asset reviews, approvals and stakeholder collaboration can be challenging and time consuming processes. Often these processes are coordinated manually and rely on email communications to track the status of a review. 2D assets are turned into PDF’s and then emailed, printed, and/or scanned – usually with handwritten notes accompanying the returned copy.

Zoom Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Workflow solutions integrate Lightbox functionality to provide a seamless method to automate the review and approval process, allowing users to share a dynamic collection of assets and revisions over the Web. Project stakeholders can view assets, thumbnails, metadata … download assets … repurpose them on the fly … as well as perform visual markups, all from within a Web-browser and without the need to install a desktop client.

With Zoom Lightbox, you can effectively enable the participation of internal and external stakeholders, promoting collaboration and ensuring project timelines are being met.

Create Lightbox

Zoom enables the creative team member to easily generate an individual Lightbox to store one or more versions of an asset or assets. A Lightbox is generated using the shopping cart paradigm and allows the creator to select individual users or groups of users based on roles for their distribution list. Detailed instructions can also be added to each Lightbox and recipients are invited to participate via email.

Lightbox Viewer

Asset reviewers and approvers login to Lightbox via a web-based interface that eliminates the need to have any creative software installed in order for users to access assets. Users are presented with a list of each of the Lightboxes that have been assigned to them and can navigate through thumbnails to select the individual asset they want to review.

Asset Distribution

Lightbox users have the capability to download assets. The system administrator can set up download formulas to control the resolution and formats for each asset download. Optionally, assets can be downloaded in their original format and secondly, watermarked.

Annotations and Comments

Lightbox users can annotate and comment on the high-resolution preview using common annotations such as arrows, circles or bubble text. This promotes real-time collaboration by allowing multiple users to view and annotate the assets simultaneously. Comments from all users are captured and can be filtered by date or userid to make them easier to sort. When a user makes an annotation or comment, it will automatically appear on the screens of other users.

Web-based Video Annotations

Video annotations and comments can now be applied to any video asset. Users can stop a video and place their annotations on an individual frame. Editors can then easily locate where in the timeline the comments exist, simplifying and speeding up the video revision process.

Conversation View

Conversation view allows multiple users to add commentary to an existing comment. This allows additional collaboration without cluttering the page with too many annotations and comments. The additional comments are immediately available to other review participants.

Workflow Integration

The Zoom Lightbox integrates seamlessly with the Zoom Workflow solution. It allows a reviewer to either Approve or Reject an asset or a series of assets with the simple click of a button. Once selected, the assets will then move forward to the next stage of the workflow or follow a pre-determined rejection path back to the creative team.