Whether it’s Media & Entertainment companies making news videos, or corporations creating training videos, there’s no question that videos are everywhere. Many companies using traditional digital asset management systems are no longer able to handle the increasing number of massive video files. Storage capacity is wearing thin, and network bandwidth is being challenged. Video production cycles are also becoming shorter, placing more demand on production people to produce quality videos in shorter periods of time. In these high-pressure environments, every second counts.

Zoom VideoFX is made specifically to handle all of these challenges so users are able to quickly locate digital content, and edit and save them for easy distribution to different media outlets. Zoom VideoFX is tightly integrated with video editing applications and made specifically to handle the production of massive video files throughout its entire creative lifecycle. This is why some of the world’s leading video production organizations place their trust in Zoom.

Capture and Ingest Content from Anywhere

Whether you are capturing content from drones, satellites, video cameras, or phones, capture your content from anywhere, and ingest it into Zoom. Zoom enables you to easily organize your assets during ingest, to make things much easier to search and find later. Define custom rules such as QC on incoming hi-res videos and enforce mandatory metadata for in-place or in-database ingest to make sure everything that goes into the system is properly tagged. You can also insert placeholders in Zoom that link back to the native hi-res videos while creating proxies, and automatically organize hi-res footage name space based on metadata. To speed up the ingest process, route incoming hi-res assets via high-performance Fiber channel instead of through Ethernet.

Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects Plug-ins

Integrate with your favorite Adobe Video applications via Zoom plug-ins so you can edit, complete, and save your videos without ever leaving Zoom. Save time meddling between multiple applications and focus on your task at hand. Search and link content directly from Adobe Video apps, apply edit decision lists from proxies to native hi-res assets, and drag-n-drop links from Adobe plugins all within Zoom. In a single click, you can switch between native hi-res footage, mezzanine, and low-res video proxies. When you are finished, simply check in changes to Zoom with metadata to all files from Adobe applications.

Fully Integrated with Zoom MAM

VideoFX is fully integrated with the Evolphin Zoom MAM stack so you can enjoy all the great video features from the MAM in addition to VideoFX. Conveniently manage hi-res audio and video files, images, motion graphics, 2D and 3D text assets all in one place. Choose to set up direct asset/external asset management, or a hybrid model based on your own set of rules.

Easily Search Video Time Frames

Save time and frustration searching for specific time frames in videos. Now you can attach metadata fields to any frame, for quick and easy searching later down the line. Apply IPTC and project specific metadata fields to any frame and search for clips based on chapter or frame metadata inside a video. You can also automatically extract chapter or per-frame metadata from supported containers like QuickTime.

Archive Management

Easily archive and find hi-resolution video assets. Move videos and their dependencies between disk storage and tape or cloud storage. You can also conveniently preview large archived assets before restoring them, and create partial restore workflows based on in/out points in editing apps.