Spend less time managing internally and more time managing externally with Zoom Analytics, and ensure you have actionable intelligence at your fingertips.

Zoom Analytics provides you with a real-time dashboard of key performance indicators that provide deep insights into your business. Business relevant metrics, tables and graphs – all supported by trend analyses – provide the organization with a visual representation of the creative process. This level of inspection allows managers to make informed, real-time decisions and where necessary, change priorities, resources and even direction if critical projects are to be completed on time.

Key Performance Indicators

How often are jobs being iterated? Track the key performance indicators most relevant to your business in real-time. Compare job completion and resource allocation from the current period against the previous one. Measure which jobs are being delayed and why.

Job Progress

Monitor progress by job types. Determine actual versus expected progress. If a particular type of job is making slow progress, get insights into people performance, or whether training is an issue or if more experienced staff need to be assigned to certain job types.

Top Performers

Who completes their jobs with minimal rejections or iterations? There are numerous ways to monitor the performance of individuals such as missed schedules or the number of jobs checked-in compared to their peer group.

User Load

Which users can handle more work-load this week? Monitor work-load by resource. This report provides important information to help better manage resource utilization.

Job Distribution

Across all the jobs in various projects, what is the distribution? This information provides the status of in-progress jobs from a delayed versus finished versus not-started perspective.

Resource Utilization

Determine how much work is scheduled for your existing projects and which of your creative staff has time available for new tasks. You can see the amount of work that is assigned to each of your team members so that you can schedule new project tasks accordingly.

Job Status Trend

These charts track the status of given jobs completed, on-time or delayed for the current and past periods. This will provide you with an early warning indicator of longer term trends that warrant investigation.

Job Summaries

Which task and staff member is the bottleneck? Gain insight into your projects by analyzing job specific information. Summarize job details by customer, job type or creative team member. Identify bottlenecks before they become a problem.