Zoom Workflow brings iterative task routing, version control, and digital asset management together, making end-to-end automation of the entire creative process a reality.

Our Workflow solution allows you to reduce project costs and eliminate bottlenecks that can jeopardize your team’s ability to complete completing their projects on time. We eliminate the need to integrate third-party workflow software, providing you all of the tools necessary to automate all facets of your creative process.

Visual Workflow Studio

Zoom Workflow Studio uses the latest web technologies and provides a simple visual canvas to model and automate your creative and business processes. Without coding or complex configurations to map your processes, you can visually design workflows composed of hierarchical approval steps, work assignments and automated tasks.

Workflow Templates

Existing jobs, folders and specification files can be saved to a template library and re-used each time a similar job needs to be performed, ensuring account/project managers aren’t burdened with re-creating the same task flow every time a new job arrives. This repeatability enables team members to apply standards, ensure consistent branding and observe sound file management techniques such as folder-naming conventions.

Order Management

Designers, artists and developers use the Task tab in the asset browser to easily sort, prioritize and classify their assigned tasks. The Task tab monitors overall job progress, tracks feedback, iterates through rejected assets and allows sign-in into workflow tasks without switching application context.

Automated Routing & Notification

Zoom supports fully automated routing and notification of workflow tasks. Hierarchical reviews can be triggered automatically when Zoom detects that a designer or developer has completed all the task assignments. Email and desktop alerts are automatically generated to notify participants about pending tasks.

Iterative Reviews

Zoom versions each round of changes. During a review, a submitted change may be rejected, which triggers the next round to begin. Assignees can follow the feedback, fix the issues pointed out by a reviewer and then re-submit. Zoom tracks the entire life-cycle of a change from submission to approval.

Lightbox Integration

The Zoom Lightbox allows the user to visually markup a digital asset version using a web browser. Workflow tracks and automatically routes the correct asset versions to reviewers where they can open a variety of document types and markup assets in real-time and visually approve or reject changes. The Zoom Lightbox enables collaboration with end-clients, partners and other key stakeholders irrespective of location.

Integrated Workflow Publishing

Zoom provides integrated workflow publishing to automatically publish the approved versions of files. There is no need to zip and email files as attachments, tag or label versions to mark milestones or maintain separate sets of assets for each task. Zoom ensures that each team member has access to the correct versions of the assets.