Manage the entire lifecycle of any digital and media asset – from concept and creation to production and final delivery – with Zoom 6.0, the integrated digital media asset management, versioning and workflow software solution.

Zoom provides an easy-to-use interface enabling users to track each iteration of their digital content and all of its associated metadata. Plugins for creative tools such as Adobe CS – along with advanced search, thumbnails, high-resolution previews, and the Zoom operating system itself – allow your creative teams to drastically reduce the amount of time they spend finding and managing digital assets.

Zoom Digital Media Asset Management DAM MAM – designed to accelerate the process of creating and distributing your content.

Content Capture Module

The Content Capture Module interrogates the sources of content based on pre set parameters and then ingests that content including all of its metadata, into the Zoom repository. It offers three distinct asset organization models: 1) External: Great for in-place ingest of large pre-existing file volumes 2) Direct: Optimized for frequently iterated assets such as exported videos, often encountered during work-in-progress workflows 3) Hybrid: Combines both models based on customer driven ingest rules.

Visual Asset Browser

The Visual Asset Browser enables users to navigate through project folders and files, view thumbnails, asset versions, key asset information, metadata, and asset status. It ensures that users are efficiently locating the correct and required versions of assets so that they can maximize the amount of time spent on creative tasks.

Advanced Faceted Search

Zoom provides searching in two dimensions: horizontally across all the files, and vertically through all the versions of a single asset. A DAM/MAM without a fast, robust search is not much more than a cosmetic image gallery. Faceted search – using Dynamic Filters, Boolean Search operators, multiple search tabs, saved search history, create collections from search criteria – allows the proverbial needle in the haystack to be found easily.

Metadata Management

Zoom provides comprehensive metadata capabilities that will allow users to categorize assets and versions of assets. It allows the user to import and search embedded or custom metadata associated with a digital asset – as well as setup controlled vocabularies and taxonomies – thereby minimizing the time and effort required to locate digital assets or a specific revision.

Thumbnails & High-Resolution Previews

The Zoom preview server generates thumbnails and large high-resolution previews of asset versions on-demand without requiring the native design tools to be installed on your desktop. Since all thumbnails and previews are cached on Zoom’s preview server, users have instant ability to navigate to their assets.

Enhanced Adobe Video Plugins

Enhanced Adobe Video Plugins deliver a common user interface and a much simpler ease of use for the Adobe Video products such as Premiere Pro & After Effects. Enhanced link panels expose metadata and available proxies for a given link and allow the user to switch proxies or revisions on the fly. Changes applied to a linked file are automatically reflected in the project file.

Low-Res Video Proxy Support

Zoom will save you time by transcoding source video assets to various formats and resolutions. Users can preview large format videos in 360p, 480p, or any custom resolution to determine the correct version before downloading the source file for editing.

Digital Rights Management

Zoom provides digital rights management (DRM) fields and reports to ensure royalty-based licensed assets are tracked correctly. Zoom DRM protects the user from copyright infringement or accidental purchase of duplicate assets.

Link Management

Zoom supports extracting and navigating links between assets to manage projects with dependent media files. Whenever linked assets are updated, Zoom will automatically update the Zoom Server with the latest version of the linked assets.