In high-volume production environments, the quantity of digital assets can add up fast. Users may require access to completed projects or, as the need arises, may need to view the various content pieces or information about those projects. Many projects and files can be moved from primary storage to less costly media such as LTO tape. The challenge, however, is the cumbersome nature of traditional processes to retrieve projects and files from archiving.

Evolphin Zoom provides a simple yet very powerful toolset for the retrieval of archived assets. The Zoom Archiving module allows administrators to archive a file, a collection of files, a number of folders, or even an entire project to a configurable destination. Large volumes of file data – residing in projects or sub-folders that are no longer required – can be archived and removed from the main storage used by the Zoom database.

Web-based Archiving Console

With easy access from any browser, the archiving console provides administrators with easy access to all archiving functions including the ability to archive or restore selected projects, folders or files. The console will automatically and visually highlight the status of each file.

Restore Requests

Users can easily request for files or folders to be restored using Zoom’s shopping cart paradigm. Users simply add one or more files to the cart and submit a restore petition, which will be automatically routed to the administrator. A notification is automatically sent to the user when the files have been restored or if the request has been rejected.

Integration with Zoom User Interface

The Zoom metadata structure, thumbnails and high-resolution previews will continue to operate on archived files because only the actual file data is archived. The Visual Asset Browser will display an archive icon next to the file name. Users can still get the benefits of having access to asset information without requiring the asset to be located in primary storage. This will save on storage costs while providing the creative team with access to all legacy work.

Integrate with Enterprise Archiving

Protect your existing investments. Zoom’s custom back-end architecture and open API model enables customization and integration with existing enterprise archiving solutions.