Once considered a necessity limited to software development groups, version control today is an imperative for any creative team. Only Zoom provides advanced multi-user concurrent versioning technology tightly integrated with its digital asset management (DAM) solution.

Out of the box, all of the tools that are necessary to manage an iterative creative process are included in Zoom DAM MAM. Plus our smart version control provides you with a competitive edge by ensuring that project turnaround times are reduced and costly errors eliminated.

Visual Compare

Get a better handle on what changed between versions by doing a visual compare. Simply drag and drop different versions into the analyze boxes and click the analyze button. Zoom does the rest by animating the differences to make it easy for you to spot the differences.

Visual History

Zoom tracks every change that is checked-in and automatically generates a preview thumbnail for every version. Using the Visual history client, it is easily to see the changes to your asset. Users can also select a preview thumbnail and make that the current version with one click.

Creative Tool Plugins

If you spend your entire day inside an authoring tool's workspace, it is a pain to switch context to bring up the asset versioning tool. With Zoom you avoid that by simply installing our plugin in your favorite tools such as CS6 and Cinema 4D. Commit, update, lock and access your local folders with a single click.

Operating System Integration

You use the Operating System file explorer all the time, so why not integrate the asset versioning system directly into it? That's exactly what Zoom does, now you can select a file or folder and bring up the Zoom context menu to perform common operations directly. Zoom even creates a breadcrumb trail using overlay icons to make it easy to spot your changes.

Lock Management

Zoom always had strong support for version locking. Even with lock support, accidents can happen. Now with smart file locking, Zoom goes an extra step in preventing accidents. As you attempt to checkout a file from the Visual Asset Browser, you are automatically warned if the file is locked by someone, otherwise you are prompted to lock the file for editing prior to checkout. This ensures that two people do not end up accidentally modifying the same file.

Working Copy Management

Initiating a checkout links your desktop working copy to the Zoom server. This allows you to get notifications about changes on the server and later check-in your changes to the server. There are many different ways of checking out assets from the Zoom repository including direct checkout menus inside popular tools like Microsoft Office and Adobe CS.

Asset Deduplication

Deduplication or adaptive version compression technology allows Zoom to store multiple versions of a large digital asset in a fraction of disk space required by traditional DAM. Not only will this reduce the storage space required to support your repository but will reduce the time needed to upload and download assets, improving the efficiency of your creative team.