Transitioning to the Big Video WorkflowZoom 6.0 Product Suite DatasheetZoom VideoFX Datasheet
Building high-performance video workflows with media asset management.

Why Database MattersZoom Media Asset Management DatasheetZoom DAM Video
A discussion of traditional RDBMS databases versus VLDB technology. A brief video demonstration of the Zoom DAM module.

Indepth Look at ZoomZoom VideoFX Media Case StudyZoom Workflow Video
A detailed look into the Zoom Digital Asset Management software.A brief video demonstration of the Zoom Workflow module.

Next Generation WorkflowZoom Workflow DatasheetDAM Webinar
How Zoom workflow revolutionizes the creative process.Information about the Zoom Workflow module.A DAM webinar led by Rahul Bhargava, CTO of evolphin Software.

Zoom DeduplicationZoom AnalyticsWorkflow Webinar
Technical Brief covering Zoom front-end deduplication.Information about the Zoom Analytics module.A workflow webinar led by Brian Ahearn, CEO of evolphin Software.

Replacing Version CueZoom for Video Production
Advice to consider before you replace your Version Cue software.How Zoom can assist in the production of Video Assets.

Digital Asset Management PrimerSupported Creative Tools
A basic tutorial of the concepts of Digital Asset Management.A list of the current creative tools supported by evolphin Zoom.

Adobe Drive PluginCompetitive Feature Comparison
How the Zoom Adobe Drive Plugin makes linking easier than ever.A comparison of evolphin Zoom to traditional Digital Asset Management software.
Metadata Basics for DAMZoom System Requirements
A beginners guide to metadata management for DAM implementations.Hardware and software requirements to run evolphin Zoom.

Zoom DAM Datasheet
Information about the Zoom Digital Asset Management software.