DAM - Digital Asset Management Solutions

The Evolphin Zoom Digital Asset Management solution provides the platform and tools needed to improve how the creative process impacts your entire organization.

Zoom was designed for creative organizations of all types and sizes – including ad agencies, video production companies, game developers, media companies, catalog production houses, retailers, television broadcasters, content publishers, and eLearning groups. So no matter the size of your company or the industry you’re in, our robust DAM solution can help you reduce the costs of content creation and distribution, promote collaboration, gain actionable intelligence into your processes, and improve the efficiency of your organization.

From making designers and developers more efficient, providing easy to manage programs and costs savings to the IT department, providing business relevant metrics and data to both project managers and company executives, and improving communications with both internal and external stakeholders – Zoom benefits everyone.


Ad Agencies face a number of challenges in today's ultra-competitive environment. One of the core competencies of any creative organization is the creation and management of a variety of digital assets including images, animations, video, audio and even software components such as mobile apps. Lack of automation and inaccurate information about the creative process leads to project delays, cost over runs, lack of input from the client and ultimately poor client satisfaction. Zoom brings control, predictability and visibility into the creative process. Only evolphin Zoom provides end to end digital asset management over the entire creative asset lifecycle. Zoom provides a fully integrated stack of solutions that is being deployed by the leading creative organizations.

Video Production

Producers at studios, digital media groups and video production teams need to deliver promos, commercials and trailers in very tight timeframes. Every second counts in this high pressure environment. Current file management systems continue to be barriers to operational efficiency. Storage volumes grow rapidly, creative teams are frustrated by their inability to efficiently locate required assets, network bandwidth is constantly challenged due to large file sizes, and the inability to quickly upload and download full versions assets. Video production teams around the world have looked to Zoom to ensure that projects are completed on-time and budgets are kept in order.


Creating content for eLearning applications is a complex task involving managing an array of digital media including text, audio, images, animation and streaming video. Creative teams are expected to design solutions for an ever expanding variety of channels including the mobile devices, the web, desktop applications and video. Maintaining control over the wide variety of digital assets is critical to ensure the success of your projects. From integration to versioning to project management, evolphin has worked with many eLearning groups to help manage, organize and automate the wide variety of processes required to enable successful digital asset management.

Replacing Version Cue

Much more than an Adobe Version Cue replacement, Zoom provides a rich version control feature set, visual asset browsing, screaming fast performance, easier administration, and integrated workflow. Zoom offers multi-user concurrent versioning, context aware menus, sophisticated change management, lock management and much more. Zoom is built on a database built for managing digital assets and provides many other technical advantages.