Comprehensive Agency Software

One of the core competencies of any creative organization is the creation, management and distribution of a variety of digital assets. This includes images, animations, video, audio, and even software components such as mobile apps. Lack of automation and/or inaccurate information about the creative process leads to project delays, cost overruns, lack of input from the client, and ultimately poor client satisfaction.

Zoom, with its digital asset management and workflow solutions, can bring order to the chaos of the creative process. When implemented, Zoom brings control, predictability and visibility into the creative process, as only Zoom provides end-to-end digital asset management over the entire creative asset lifecycle. From integration with content authoring tools and industry-leading versioning of work-in-progress content to iterative approval workflow, Zoom provides a fully-integrated stack of solutions being deployed by leading creative organizations around the globe.

Visual Versioning for Digital Assets

Smart version control can provide a competitive edge to creative organizations. Zoom provides all of the tools necessary to manage every iteration of your digital assets. It features visual search, a visual history log and provides a version comparison tool that animates the differences in assets. In addition, Zoom caches asset thumbnails and high-resolution previews on the server making them available instantaneously during browsing or search.

Zoom Smart Copy

With Zoom Smart Copy, digital assets can be copied at a specific version by storing only a pointer in Zoom to that specific version. Changes made to the "linked" assets are stored as "deltas" against the original parent version. Designers can now create hundreds of copies of a digital asset, even assigning different names to the asset versions without the overhead of disk consuming duplicates.

Collaborate with Web-based Annotations

The Zoom web enabled Lightbox enables clients and other key stakeholders to collaborate and provide timely feedback, irrespective of location, by annotating, transforming and downloading assets on the fly. Visual markup extends beyond the traditional 2D files and includes video files where annotations can be placed on individual frames.

Automate your Process with Zoom Workflow

Zoom Workflow brings iterative task routing, version control and Digital Asset Management together. The end-to-end automation of the entire creative process is a reality allowing you to reduce project costs and eliminate bottlenecks that can jeopardize completing your projects on time. Zoom eliminates the need to integrate third-party workflow software and provides all of the tools necessary to automate your creative processes.

Make Intelligent Decisions with Zoom Analytics

Zoom Analytics deliver a real-time dashboard of key performance indicators that provide deep insights into your business. Relevant metrics, tables and graphs supported by trend analyses provide the organization with a visual representation of the creative process. This level of inspection allows managers to make informed, real-time decisions and where necessary, change priorities, resources and even direction if critical projects are to be completed on time. Zoom analytics ensure that you have actionable intelligence at your fingertips.