When it comes to delivering promos, commercials and trailers in very tight timeframes, every second counts in this high pressure environment. Current file management systems continue to be barriers to operational efficiency. Storage volumes grow rapidly while creative teams grow more frustrated by their inability to efficiently locate required digital content (both online and offline). Network bandwidth is constantly challenged due to large video file sizes, making it hard to quickly upload and download full versions of video assets. And manual processes create unnecessary activity, cost and risk as a growing number of stakeholders want to provide inputs, edits and approvals.

The digital asset management, versioning and workflow solutions delivered by Zoom bring order to the chaos of creating video assets. Zoom provides efficient post-production digital asset management and control over the entire creative lifecycle. From tight integration with content authoring tools and an industry-leading versioning solution for work-in-progress content, to an iterative approval workflow solution, Zoom delivers a platform that is rich in functionality. That’s why some of the worlds’ leading video production organizations place their trust in Zoom.

Web-based Video Annotations

Video annotations and comments can now be applied to any video asset. Users can stop a video and place their annotations on an individual frame. Editors can then easily locate where in the timeline the comments exist, simplifying and speeding up the video revision process.

Work Unattended with Render Queue Plugins

Integrate with render queue in Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects to automatically classify and import rendered image sequences or videos into evolphin Zoom. Operators can avoid constantly monitoring the rendering process, which can take hours or even days. Image sequences created by multiple passes of 3D rendering tools can be automatically moved to a pass-specific sub-folder in the Zoom repository. Users can be notified via desktop alerts when rendered files are available for their inspection.

Zoom Smart Copy

With Zoom Smart Copy, digital assets can be copied at a specific version by storing only a pointer in Zoom to that specific version. Changes made to the "linked" assets are stored as "deltas" against the original parent version. Designers can now create hundreds of copies of a digital asset, even assigning different names to the asset versions without the overhead of disk consuming duplicates.

Reduce Storage and Bandwidth Requirements

The storage requirements for digital assets such as video can grow exponentially. This creates challenges for the IT department and makes it difficult for creative teams to efficiently locate and retrieve their digital assets. The Zoom solution will reduce the amount of storage necessary by leveraging a technology called de-duplication. This technology ensures that only changes or deltas are saved when file versions are created, creating less burden on your network.

Streamline the Approval Chain

Digital asset projects often require multiple levels of approval. Comments, edits and instructions are often exchanged through manual processes including email, phone or in-person conversations. In the absence of an automated and structured process, updating assets with the necessary edits, managing and reporting progress and securing the necessary approvals can be a very time-consuming exercise.

Low-Res Video Proxy Support

Zoom will save you time by transcoding source video assets to various formats and resolutions. Users can preview large format videos in 360p, 480p, or any custom resolution to determine the correct version before downloading the source file for editing.

Self Service downloads via the Lightbox

Download and repurpose video assets using the self-serve web based Lightbox. End users or clients can convert HD videos on the Zoom server to the format of their choice and at the resolution they require. Creative teams and IT staff do not need to spend valuable time fulfilling transcoding requests from other users.