Much more than an Adobe Version Cue replacement, Zoom from Evolphin was built on our patent-pending RevDB database designed to optimize the management of all digital content.

Zoom provides a rich version-control feature set, visual asset browsing, screaming fast performance, easier administration, and integrated workflow. It also offers multi-user concurrent versioning, context aware menus, sophisticated change management, accelerated search, lock management, and many other robust, technical advantages.

Smart Version Control

Version Cue offers basic version control features including promoting an older version, but lacks the ability to rollback an entire set of changes. Zoom features a multi-user concurrent remote version store that provides drag-and-drop capability for easy import, rollback of versions or changesets, and all functions are project aware.

Visual Versioning

Version Cue offers a visual version history of Adobe file formats such as Photoshop but offers no visual search or visual comparison capabilities. Zoom features visual search, a visual history log and provides a version comparison tool that animates the differences in asset versions. In addition, Zoom caches asset thumbnails and high-resolution previews on the server making them available instantaneously during asset browsing or search.

Up to date Creative Tool Plugins

Version Cue was discontinued by Adobe following CS4. There is no migration path from Adobe to newer versions of the software. Zoom provides plugins for all of the popular Creative Suite tools including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash and Dreamweaver and is available for the latest versions of the software at the time of release.

High-resolution Previews

Version Cue provides basic thumbnail support but does not provide high-resolution previews on demand. File versions have to be manually opened to preview the asset which slows down asset browsing. Zoom provides both thumbnails and high-resolution previews of Creative Suite assets as well as a wide variety of assets created in other creative tools.

Zoom Workflow

Zoom workflow brings iterative task routing, version control and DAM together. The end-to-end automation of the entire creative process is available right now and allows you to reduce project costs and eliminate bottlenecks that can jeopardize the on-time delivery of key projects. Zoom eliminates the need to integrate third-party workflow software. It ships with a fully integrated workflow engine and provides all of the tools necessary to automate your creative process.


Zoom provides a monitoring agent that will automatically restart the process in the unlikely occurrence that the server should go down for any reason. With a custom designed transactional database optimized for large binary assets, Zoom does not suffer from the reliability issues, freezes and version corruption that allegedly plagued Version Cue. The Version Cue program provided few monitoring agents and required that the server be restarted manually if it crashed. The Architecture has severe performance & reliability issues with users reporting lost versions and frozen servers. These issues are particularly severe in CS4 Version Cue, after which it was discontinued.

Database Performance

Zoom utilizes a patent-pending database, RevDB, which is optimized for the storage of large binary assets; Version Cue uses an off-the-shelf RDBMS, MySQL for persistence. Zoom can import assets 50x faster than Version Cue and is much faster for checking-out, versioning and updating assets. MySQL has not been optimized for large binary objects and is not recommended for managing digital assets.